Greatest Hits 1978 - 1988

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Backstory is a compilation of songs I wrote between 1978 and 1988.

The "Greatest Hits" subtitle is a bit tongue-in-cheek; none of these songs have been previously recorded, and most have never been performed live.

Stylistically and technically, these songs are as close as I can make them to how they would have sounded if I had recorded them at the time they were written.

I have attempted in all cases to remain faithful to my original conception. If some of these songs sound a bit dated, then I have succeeded.

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Song List

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  1. I Don't Like Your Face (1978)
  2. I'm Not Dead Yet (1980)
  3. Don't Make Me Wait (1981)
  4. It Was Raining (1982)
  5. Just Say No (1983)
  6. Black Rain (1984)
  7. Tower (1984)
  8. Carry (1985)
  9. The Biscuit Song (1986)
  10. Absalom (1987)
  11. Paint (1988/2002)
  12. Country Roads, Take Me Home (2002)

Album Info

All music and lyrics by Jeff Buser except:

Lyrics on Track 2 by Jeff Buser and Paul Rexrode
Portions of the lyrics on Track 7 taken from Genesis 11:6-8
Track 12 - Lyrics and music by John Denver.

All instrumental performances and vocals by Jeff Buser, except lead guitar on track 5 by Tim Wilhelm.

Produced and engineered by Jeff Buser.

Recorded between June 2002 and November 2002 at Meadowview Studios in Philadelphia, PA and Foxwood Studios in Short Gap, WV.

Copyright 2002 Jeff Buser.

All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying, reproduction, public performance and broadcasting are prohibited by Federal law and are subject to criminal prosecution.

Techie Stuff

The following unpaid endorsements are provided for the curious.

Jeff uses Audio-Technica and Shure mics, Yamaha keyboards, O'Hagan and Ibanez guitars, Fender basses (ok, actually just one really nasty hot pink Mustang),
Digitech fx, Ernie Ball strings, Dunlop Straplocks, Dunlop Tortex picks and GHS Fast-Fret string cleaner.

Backstory was recorded direct to digital on a Dell Dimension 8200 PC using an Aardvark Q10 audio interface and Cakewalk Sonar 2.0 XL recording software.

Songs were converted to MP3 for this web site using Cakewalk Pyro 2003.

For the disturbingly curious, Jeff also uses BrAun and Conair trimmers, Mitchum deodorant and Scott TP.

The Wahl trimmer previously mentioned on this site recently died after many years of faithful service.

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