Lyrics & Vocals: Tim Wilhelm
Music: Tim Wilhelm

Lyssa is the second part of a two-part story (Fever Dream being the first) involving central European legends of ghouls and changelings.



The night is gone
Little Lyssa's left alone
Fragments of dreams still in her head
She checks the house
No one's making noise downstairs
And Mom and Daddy aren't in bed

She checks outside
Something's laying in the yard
A shattered corpse that was her Mom
She sees them now
Red eyes staring from the woods
Bloody grins that are calling out
"Come now Lyssa"!

Little Lyssa runs back in the house
Falls to the floor and cries aloud
She hears them now out on the porch
Filthy claws scratching down the door

Little Lyssa's gone away
She won't see another day

They take the girl and they say
"Come back with us to the graves,
"Deep beneath the earth in vaults of stone
"To forgotten crypts, our ancient home"

She cries out, "I'm not like you"
But they just bark, "It's time you knew"
Rotting flesh, her father's face
In a black chalice his heart is placed
She cries out but feels so strange
She smells fresh blood and starts to change
Canine fangs, her skin grows taut
The changeling is home;she eats the heart

Copyright © 1992 Tim Wilhelm, Dave Calhoun, Jim Buser & Jeff Buser.

All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying, reproduction, public performance and broadcasting are prohibited by Federal law and are subject to criminal prosecution.