Fever Dream

Lyrics & Vocals: Dave Calhoun
Music: Tim Wilhelm

Fever Dream is the first part of a two-part story (Lyssa being the second part) involving central European legends of ghouls and changelings.



They come to me at midnight
When consciousness does leave
In memory I see them
Their haunting makes me grieve
Though I am wide awake now
I see inside my head
Hell beyond the resting place
Those eternal dead

In catacombs and tunnels
They feast upon the gore
Initiate the young ones
"To the surface world for more"
Shambling 'cross the graveyard
Past hunger-emptied tombs
I smell worm-ridden filth
As they creep into my room

Why do they come for me?
What do they want from me?
They whisper of a link to them
God what can it be?
Nightmares shall not go away
"You'll give in to them someday
"Travel to your rightful home
"Forever you will stay"

Why won't sleep come tonight?
Will I be spared the dream?
It seems to make no difference
As I hear Mother scream
Shadows creeping toward me
With hunger satisfied
It all seems so irrelevant
Since sanity has died

Copyright © 1992 Tim Wilhelm, Dave Calhoun, Jim Buser & Jeff Buser.

All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying, reproduction, public performance and broadcasting are prohibited by Federal law and are subject to criminal prosecution.