Dumarest's Travels

Here's a chronological list of all the worlds to which Dumarest travels in the novels, for anyone who wants to set fan fiction or a Traveler campaign in the Dumarest universe, or just has way too much time on their hands.

  1. Dumarest begins Book 1, The Winds of Gath, on a ship three days out from Gath (although he had booked passage to Broome and the destination was changed after he was aboard and frozen, traveling Low).  The book ends with Dumarest still on Gath contemplating the next step of his journey but no intended destination is mentioned.
  2. Book 2, Derai, begins on Kyle. Dumarest travels to Hive and from there to Folgone, where the story ends.
  3. Book 3, Toyman, begins and ends on Toy, with no mention of previous stops or intended future destinations.
  4. Book 4, Kalin, begins on Logis.  Dumarest and Kalin travel from there to Chron and then on to Solis.  Dumarest then travels from Solis to Hope, the headquarters of the Universal Brotherhood.
  5. Dumarest begins and ends Book 5, The Jester at Scar, on Scar, with no mention of previous stops or next intended destination.
  6. Book 6, Lallia, opens on Aarn, no mention of previous stops.  The Moray travels from Aarn to Hendris to Argonilla to Phane to Igar to Landkis to Oll to Krieg to Candara to Tyrann to Dreen to Ophan to Frone to Joy to Shrine.  The book closes with Dumarest booking passage on a pilgrim ship returning from Shrine to Thermyle.
  7. Book 7, Technos, opens on Clovis, no mention of previous stops.  Dumarest travels from Clovis to Loame, and from Loame to Technos.  Book closes with Dumarest waiting on Technos for his ship to depart for the planet Jalanth.
  8. In Book 8, Veruchia, Earl claims, apparently truthfully, that he went from Technos to Vington (no indication why he didn’t go to Jalanth as planned) to Onsul to Selend.  Dumarest travels from Selend to Dradea, where he remains at the end of the book with no immediate plans to leave.
  9. Earl begins Book 9, Mayenne, on a ship he boarded on Grill and which has since stopped at Frell, bound for Selegal and Ayette.  The ship is rescued by Tormyle between Frell and Selegal.  At the conclusion, Tormyle sends Earl to a planet which is not named, presumably in a different part of the galaxy.
  10. Earl begins and ends Book 10, Jondelle, on Ourelle.  He mentions having recently been on Estale, but gives no intended destination when ready to leave.
  11. Earl begins Book 11, Zenya, on Paiyar, no mention of previous stops, and travels to Chard, where he remains when the story ends.
  12. Earl begins Book 12, Eloise, on Tynar.  the Cyclan deduce his destination upon leaving Chard would have been Eriule, from there to one of several agricultural worlds, then to Gokan, from where he would have gone to Narag or Guir, and from either one of those worlds, Tynar.  We can presume their deduction of the intermediate steps was accurate, since we know he started on Chard and ended up on Tynar.  From Tynar, Dumarest goes to Camollard, where he remains at the end of the story waiting for a ship.
  13. Dumarest begins Book 13, Eye of the Zodiac, on Tradum and travels to Mailarette.  From there he travels to Shajok; intermediate stops are implied but not listed.  He ends the story on Shajok about to seek passage off-world, and no specific destination is mentioned.
  14. Dumarest starts Book 14, Jack of Swords, on Teralde and mentions having come there from Laconde.  He travels to Chamelard and on to Balhadorha, from which he is about to depart with no stated destination at book’s end.
  15. Dumarest begins Book 15, Spectrum of a Forgotten Sun, on Hoghan and claims during a lie-detector test (which he passes) that he traveled from Elmish to Ragould to Hoghan.  Dumarest books passage on a ship bound for Malach, but the ship unexpectedly goes to Shallah instead.  From Shallah he goes to Emijar; it is mentioned that Dumarest visits at least three worlds between Shallah and Emijar, but they are not mentioned by name.  He ends the book on Emijar waiting for the ship on which he has booked passage to depart, without mentioning its destination.
  16. Dumarest begins Book 16, Haven of Darkness, on Harald, no mention of previous stops, and travels to Zakym, where he ends the story with no immediate plans to leave.
  17. Dumarest begins Book 17, Prison of Night, on Zakym and the book closes with him still there, awaiting the departure of a ship to Izhma.
  18. Duamrest begins Book 18, Incident on Ath, on Juba, no mention of previous stops, and travels to Ath.  The route is pointed out as being circuitous, but no stops along the way are mentioned by name.  The story ends with Dumarest about to leave Ath.
  19. Dumarest begins Book 19, The Quillian Sector, on Ealius and travels to Vult, Ellge, Vhenga, Cheen, Varge, Kumetat and Hyrcanus, where he ends the novel awaiting the departure of the Zloth, bound for Egremond.
  20. Earl opens Book 20, Web of Sand, on board a ship headed from Elgish to Fendris, but which is diverted to Harge, where he closes the story awaiting another ship to arrive on which he can book passage.
  21. Earl opens Book 21, Iduna's Universe, on Onorldi, and is captured by slavers and transported to Esslin, where he ends the story ready to seek passage off-world.
  22. Dumarest begins Book 22, The Terra Data, on Lyten and ends on Elysius with no mention of an intended destination, visiting at least two worlds that are not mentioned by name on the journey.
  23. Earl begins Book 23, World of Promise, on Podesta, travels to Ascelius and on to Kuldip, where the story ends.
  24. Dumarest begins Book 24, Nectar of Heaven, on Polis and travels to Sacaweena (nee Erce) where he ends the story about to board a ship for an unnamed destination.
  25. Dumarest begins Book 25, The Terridae, on Shard, travels to Caval, and winds up on Zabul, where he ends the story with no immediate plans to leave. 
  26. Dumarest begins Book 26, The Coming Event, on Zabul and travels to Jourdan, where he ends the book about to depart for Earth in his own ship, the Erce.
  27. Book 27, Earth Is Heaven, begins in deep space on board the Erce, en route from Jourdan to coordinates where Dumarest and the crew believe Earth to be.  They stop at a nameless world listed only by its number and from there go to Krantz.  From Krantz they complete their intended journey, finding not Earth, but the world called Heaven.
  28. Dumarest begins and ends Book 28, Melome, on Baatz, although the Cyclan deduce that he went from Heaven to Aumont to Krenz, and left the crew of the Erce either there or on Tolen, the ship’s next stop.  From one of those worlds he went to Schike to Caltoon to Ostrogoth to Baatz.
  29. After the events of Book 28, Melome, a benefactor arranged for Dumarest to be smuggled from Baatz to Nyne. Dumarest then took a ship to Tysa and boarded the Thorn there. This is all revealed as backstory, as Dumarest begins Book 29, Angado, on the Thorn, bound for Anfisa but to Velor.  From there he takes the Guilia to Yuanka, and from Yuanka he goes to Lychen, where he ends the book.
  30. Dumarest begins book 30, Symbol of Terra, still on Lychen, and travels to Skedaka, where the story ends.
  31. Dumarest begins Book 31, The Temple of Truth, on Erkalt, and travels to Dreist and on to Raniang.  The story concludes on board the Argonne, in flight from Raniang en route to an unspecified world.
  32. Dumarest begins Book 32, The Return, on Arpagus and travels to Schill, Pangritz, Kaldar, Fionnula, and ends the novel in orbit around Earth. Baldar is mentioned as a harsh world where the farmers need high-tech assistance. Weinzt mentioned as a dead-end world between Pangritz and Kaldar. Quegan, Sabela and Stark are mentioned as possible waypoints between Kaldar and Earth, as are regions known as The Solloso and the Myrm Cluster.
  33. Dumarest begins and ends book 33, Child of Earth, on Earth.
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