Rank Equivocality

It seems silly that a twenty - two second song should get the most extensive write - up, but it was either that or omit it from the album because of the potential controversy. Basically, the song and its title are one big pun. If you already get it, you can skip this disclaimer. First, no disrespect to members of the armed forces is intended, and the lyrics should certainly not be construed to imply that military personnel abuse their kids. Second, a joke isn't funny after it's explained, but I'm going to do it anyway. "Equivocality" can mean "pun", or "ambiguity" (both of which describe the song), or it can refer to deliberate misdirection, particularly with an intent to deceive (which on one level is what the song is about: people who say one thing and do another). "Rank" can refer to a particular level of authority in the military (titles of which are strewn throughout the lyrics). It can also mean "blatant" (thus one meaning of "Rank Equivocality" is "Blatant Pun") or "offensive" (which I'm trying to avoid). I'd pat myself on the back for being clever, but I think I really just have too much time on my hands.


Synopsis: 22-second no-wave song.

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