Lyrics & Vocals: Dave Calhoun
Music: Dave Calhoun & Tim Wilhelm

"Wilbur" is based on "The Dunwich Horror" by H. P. Lovecraft.

Phantasm performing Wilbur (from a surprise reunion
during a Heavy Set gig at Woodchux 12/17/2010)

(Studio version)


What are you Wilbur Whately?
If told would we believe?
So strange it seems you were conceived
Upon All Hallows' Eve
Explain the canine frenzy
On the night that you were born
Heaven's saints preserve us
Could it be that we were warned?

Up on Sentinel Hill that night
While winds howled and blew
While the fire burned so bright
What did your mother do?

Why Wilbur Whately
Are you growing up so fast?
To see you it's so hard to think
Just fifteen years have passed
Your mother would be proud of you
Were she alive to see
Your destiny fulfilled
When you set your father free

On Candlemass when you were born
And all was said and done
Wilbur can we be so sure
You were the only one?

Wilbur what is left upstairs
Locked away from all our cares
That you and grandad cared for for so long?

Wilbur what if he breaks free
And comes down for us all to see
Is that what you wanted all along?

Wilbur what did Grandad say
Just before he passed away
"Secrets of our evil be unfurled"?

"Wilbur you're the special boy
"What other son could know the joy
"Of bringing Father dear into the world"?

My inquiries unanswered
I now shall ask no more
The corpse of Wilbur Whately
Lies dissolving on the floor
I realize he's not from Earth
From where I do not know
There's nothing left that I can do
Except to turn and go

Face the evil that awaits
Though I don't know how
Will his father reach the Earth?
It's up to brother now

Copyright © 1992 Tim Wilhelm, Dave Calhoun, Jim Buser & Jeff Buser.

All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying, reproduction, public performance and broadcasting are prohibited by Federal law and are subject to criminal prosecution.