The Conquering

Lyrics & Vocals: Tim Wilhelm
Music: Tim Wilhelm

"The Conquering" is the first part of the three-part story "Egyptian Tales". The epic tells the story of the invasion of ancient Egypt by "The Sea People", a barbarian horde which vanished as mysteriously as it appeared, and about whom the historical record is tantalyzingly short on details. Phantasm's explanation would tend to account for that.



We raged across the desert sands
Sweeping like Charon's hand
Toward the city of the Nile
Our foes' dead lay in piles

We forced our way in through the gates
We sealed the Egyptians' fates
Our flashing swords ended life
And from our spears none could hide

With blood and gore we conquered all
And mighty Egypt, it did fall
We had the men skinned alive
We raped the women as they died

The pharoah's throne was set alight
And with our blades we took his life
The pharoah cursed us as he died
He screamed his god would end our lives

We spit upon his severed head
And laughed about the curse he said
We stuck his head up on a spear
We'll make the world shake in fear

We left Egypt in raging flames
Across the sands we took our claims
We heard thunder and lightning crack
Why is the sky turning black?

Copyright © 1992 Tim Wilhelm, Dave Calhoun, Jim Buser & Jeff Buser.

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