Lyrics & Vocals: Tim Wilhelm
Music: Tim Wilhelm

"Nightstalker" is the second part of a two-part story (You Beset Me (I Curse Thee) being the first part), in which the baron is freed from his curse of immortality by a most unexpected benefactor.



Silver moon is rising into the sky
Cursing orb that lights the October night
The baron feels the beast reaching out
To be released into the night
To stalk and kill until the morning light

Stalkers of the night
Tonight they come

Through the night the wolf slowly stalks his prey
Closing in on one who won't see the day
The wolf jumps;a life is ended?
But his prey disappears
And the wolf can feel the end growing near

The hunter now has become the hunted
Shots ring out throught the night
Blood rage glows in the wolf's green eyes
The wolf howls, "I am immortal"
And turns to face the one
Who comes to slay that which cannot die

A mere man, a foolish mortal
The wolf growls and charges in
The man waits and slowly aims his gun
The wolf jumps; the gun spits fire
The bullet slams into his chest
Then the wolf feels death pour through his veins

Then he sees the man standing over him
"Your torment is done; your curse is over
"I give you something, my friend, that I can't have"
And as the vampire smiles, the werewolf dies

Band Commentary / Trivia

Jeff: Tim purposely left open to personal interperetation the backstory of why the one who lifts the curse gets involved in the first place. That said, he was pretty adamant that my theory (their confrontation is a lovers' quarrel) wasn't correct.

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