Lyrics & Vocals: Jeff Buser
Music: Jeff Buser & Tim Wilhelm

The story of a night of carnage wrought by a psychopath whose murder spree is motivated by reasons (hopefully) incomprehensible to anyone but himself. Despite some conflicting speculation by various listeners that this song could be expressing subtle anti - religion, pro - life, or pro - choice sentiments, it's actually just anti - hypocrite.



Strong back, weak mind
Long lack, seek;find
New man, talk; pray
True plan: stalk; slay

In the winter mist he stands
With the sinners' list in hand
Those to die this stormy night
Chose to defy His lordly might

He bars the door so none escape
And starts to pour out running hate
Kerosene bursts into flame
Their obscene work is to blame

Who do you pray to
When you pray for death?
Why is your hatred
How you waste your breath?

A girl aflame drops from the roof
With careful aim he stops the youth
When all are dead, the cries are done
Into his head he fires the gun

Who do you pray to
When you pray for death?
Why is your hatred
How you waste your breath?

Who is the god who commands you to kill?
Who causes death when you do his will?
Murder in the name of Jesus Christ
But Satan will collect his final price

Band Commentary / Trivia

Jeff: Phantasm had already written some of the tracks for From the Attic when I joined the band. "Liturgy" was my first songwriting contribution, and was symtomatic of my contrary streak. The central theme of the band's lyrical vision was horror, but the guys failed to specify supernatural horror. I used that loophole to get on my soapbox about the horror mortals inflict on each other. Specifically, that some people hold life so sacred that they kill people to prove their point. Anyone blind to that glaring logic flaw is every bit as scary as a vampire. (Seriously - that's the kind of logic Captain Kirk uses to confuse alien computers into blowing themselves up, but some people actually live by it. Frightening indeed).

Copyright © 1992 Tim Wilhelm, Dave Calhoun, Jim Buser & Jeff Buser.

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