Nowhere I Know

I have long recognized the benefits of lucid dreaming, and keep a dream journal to enhance my somewhat limited ability to do so.

A couple of years ago, I dreamed I was on stage playing this song. Upon awakening, I immediately wrote down as much
as I remembered. The lyrical theme is a little less assertive than my waking philosophy, and it's musically quite different
from my usual style. I pretty much regarded it simply as an interesting curiosity until the dream began recurring.

I am occasionally challenged when it comes to taking hints, but after the third time I decided to record it.


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Synopsis: Rock waxing philosophical


I'm going nowhere I know 'cause it's the only place I can find
I'm going so very slow 'cause it's a lonely race I left behind
They set a grueling pace, a suicidal grind
They led a foolish chase but I don't mind
I'm going nowhere I know 'cause it's the only place I can find

There is beauty in the game; there is beauty in the goal
But getting to the finish line of life's a race that few want to win
Looking at the stars I see the soul
There is beauty in life; there is beauty in death
There is beauty where life has never been

Are skies that were yesterday blue, grey?
Lift your eyes and wait for a new day
Things will change no matter what you say
Watch the rain and wait for a new day
Now is just a melody to play
End it must so wait for a new day
Life goes on while seeking the true way
Face the dawn and wait for the new day

There is beauty in the rock; there is beauty in the roll
And getting to the destination's more than just a moment of fun
Looking at a part I see the whole
There is beauty in starts; there is beauty in trips
There is beauty when the traveling's done

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