Characters with psionic or other extraordinary mental abilities are referred to collectively as “sensitives” throughout the series.  These abilities come in many forms, including telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, the ability to sense mass and energy fields as normal humans sense visible light, and numerous others.  The single common attribute all sensitives share is that their mental abilities come at the price of an accompanying physical or emotional defect, usually directly proportional to the power of their psychic ability.

Notable sensitives from the series include Derai (Book 2, Derai), Kalin (Book4, Kalin), Lallia (Book 6, Lallia), Embira/Culpea (Book 14, Jack of Swords), Elagonya, Zucco, Melome and others (Book 28, Melome), Govinda (Book 30, Symbol of Terra), Karlene (Book 31, The Temple of Truth) and Shandaha (Book 33, Child of Earth).

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