Alter Ego




I've never woken up with blood on my hands
But I always expect it
The nightmare seems so real; I'm driven to kill
As if my mind is infected
I'm no stranger to sin but still I tremble and cringe
At the horrors I'm dreaming
I've got to hold so on I can track him and learn
What he does while I'm sleeping

Alter ego, Mr. Hyde
Something twisted chained inside
Is he set free while I dream?
Is he laughing while I scream?

I'm closer now; I've tracked him down
So shockingly sudden
Meticulous and precise, the boy next door, so nice
And everyone loves him
Their gentle concern as I talk to them turns
Into a vague sense of danger
They know something's out of place within this familiar face
The eyes of a stranger

Alter ego, Mr. Hyde
Something breaking free inside
Screaming rage against the chains of reason
Grinding at the wall with savage patience

If I am Hyde I'm wasting time
If I'm Hyde I'm wasting time

I went to bed with blood on my hands
But awoke with them clean
My grim souvenir from predatory cheer
Nowhere to be seen
In its place a note as if a stranger wrote
But nothing seems wrong
One handwritten line in a tidy design:
"What took you so long?"

Alter ego, Mr. Hyde
Only broken chains inside
The screaming's now a hopeful sign
Because at last the screams aren't mine

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